Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am done. Reached my peak stress point. If I was capable of giving up, I would. Cry? Yep I've done it. I am a hormonal train wreck. The IRS is going to garnish R's check again on Monday. Yes, they agree they were wrong and they lifted the levy. They just won't tell his employer. Nice. So I cannot pay the Mobil bill. Or the national Grid bill. Or one of the credit card bills. And its only going to get worse. Great solution IRS. Taking 80% of someone's paycheck. We are remodeling the house so that's expensive. We still need to buy flooring, light fixture, paint. Juliette has no crib. And if I end up going into labor early again? Bedrest=disability pay & that ain't gonna cut it. And I am still not divorced and need to pay my attorney-that's where my savings account is going. Whining? No. This is fucked up shit and I am entitled. I sure could use a bailout right now. Next up? Selling my engagement ring. I could use a glass of wine and a good friend. I watched "New Moon" last night- a welcome distraction from reality.


Sandy said...

Heather you are strong... You will get through this someone!!!

Yang. said...

It sucks. You have every reason to cry....what youre going thru "sucks balls". Remember what I all works out. I know you cant possibly see how right now but it will.

The not so Desperate Housewife said...

Love I know I am 3000 miles away but I am here if you need anything at allse