Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3rd time is a charm...

I won my 3rd blog award~go me!! Thanks to 'Manda over at
So here are the rules (why are there always rules?)
  • Tell 7 things that you don't already know about me.
  • Name 7 other blogs to receive this award
  • Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated
  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
My Seven:
1. I don't drive. Ever. Panic ensues.
2. I laugh when I masturbate. I can't take myself seriously.
3. My house is a fucking pigsty.
4. My yard is totally "white trash" right now. All I'm missing is an old car on the lawn.
5. I may not decorate for the holidays at all. Is that bad? It's so commercial and ridiculous.
6. My [ex] best friend got married last week. Funny how life works, isn't it? Like if someone told you you'd be missing this person's wedding you'd be all; "No fucking way..."
7. I am going to throw a sex toy party with my incredible friend Sarah.

And I shall pass this award along to~

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1 comment:

Mrs. Call Me Crazy said...

Thank you so much!

And we are soul mates.

My house is always a fucking mess, my yard is totally white trash, I was not at my (ex) best friends wedding nor did I even know she was married until a year later, and I have been to a sex toy party with a girl named Sarah.

See? So much in common!!

I don't laugh when I masterbate, though. I am afraid that will wake up my husband. And God forbid he gets in on the action.


Mrs. Call Me Crazy