Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am constantly having "moments of clarity". I have renewed energy. I pledge to make a conscious effort to be a more patient mother, a better partner, daughter & friend. I will listen more & talk less. I will clean more and spend less time online. I will use my Wii Fit. I just had this epiphany in the shower-I spend more time yelling and/or cleaning than I do just being in the moment with my kids. This is totally unacceptable. Every time I hear that someone's child is ill or they lost a baby I vow not to take one minute for granted. I cry and I thank [God] that I have two beautiful, intelligent, healthy, loving, funny, conscientious little children. But how can I work 40+ hours a week and give them the time they deserve? How can I have "me" time? We have not had "Mr." and "Mrs." time in 3 months. Something has to give. Now I must prepare for tomorrow; work all day, feed us, and drag two kids to the PTO meeting with me. No rest for the weary.



Mama2Monkeys said...

amen there sister. i had that moment today

The Renegade Moms said...

We agree with everything you said. Nice! oh, but don't talk less because you have LOTS to say!
~The Renegade Moms