Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clumsy as fuck... yesterday i slipped, fell, and bust my a-s-s. on my way into work. there was no warning, no flailing about. i was up. then i was down. i got up, didn;t look back, and hobbled into my building. i tried ignoring the pain. but when my foot became numb and tingly and the pain began radiating up to my hip..i realized i was yet again fucked. this is not the 1st time i have fallen. often i trip (over nothing) but then catch myself. so one of my lawyers tells me to file a comp claim and go to the f-ing DR. so i did. btw...don't fall in a dress. so i spent the afternoon (starving) at urgent care. got 12 x-rays. turns out i sprained my knee the worse, my ankle secondary & "strained" my hip. he offered a knee immobilizer. no thanks. crutches. have some in the garage. ice & rest. with 2 kids? he would have given me pain pills but i already take enough to kill a horse for my back. pills that make most people loopy-i have the tolerance of a 200 lb. lumberjack. so yes my friends..i am a fucking klutz.

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lisa said...

Feel better Heather. It sounds like youre in a lot of pain :(