Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How many bebes?

How does one decide how many children to have? Are we always given that choice? Who are these women that don't want to have any children at all? Do they feel this from the core of their being, or do they feel being a mom is not an option due to life's circumstances? To have an only child...seems scary to me. What if you need a kidney? To miss out on the love of a sibling seems sad. I have 2-a boy & a girl. I could certainly rationalize stopping there. My own mom did. My sister-in-law wants four. A close friend of mine from high school has four. (God love her) Lately I feel like "3" is the new "2". Some days I want another. other days I want to sleep. I love being a mom but I love my new career. You can try to say I could have it all but we all know that's not true. Something has to give. The magic of quickening, that first sono, the moment you see their beautiful face...priceless. Makes you forget the all-day sickness, back pain, bed rest, & back labor. Ahhhh...what's a girl to do? ~Queen Crazy Mum of Insanityville


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.

It sounds to me like you want another. If you are using coitus interruptus as birth control then chances are you will have another. A women just knows when she is done. There is no questioning it...YOU KNOW! Some women were just made to be mothers. You seem to be one of those women.

Heather said...

You-my friend define motherhood!! For you are the close friend I speak of.
I did know----but now I don't. Which I guess means I am not done?!
I am glad you enjoy the bog. I am even more glad you posted a comment. I so enjoy commenting.

Khira said...

i am currently going through the same mental debate to have more or not to have moe. its so complicated and confusing