Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Crazy As A Shithouse Rat

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If I took care of myself... well as I take care of my children, I'd be all set. They always have: raincoats/fleece/appropriate outerwear, boots, hats, mittens, scarves,umbrellas, snacks, sunscreen, and natural bug wipes that cost $8 for 8. Take for instance today's lunch. Ali has a full tray (albeit bologna) and I have a fucking frozen TGIF quesadilla that you put in the microwave and a generic cola. WTF? Ali takes her multi vitamin every morning. They have applesauce instead of fries. Milk instead of soda. A blanket & a pillow for long car rides. Bottles full of water when it's hot out. Let's not even get into their wardrobes! Ali has salon hair-cuts, manicures and pedicures. We bought her a laptop when she was 4. Did i mention she has an i-pod nano & I only have the mini? That's it...I am on strike.


hilary, no-longer-anything-other-than-mommy-clark said...

You could make yourself the same exact lunch you made Ali. Giovanna and I always share our lunches. We'll split a sandwich and fruit and veggies. I think you have the best wardrobe too. I would LOVE to have the kinds...and amount...of clothes you have. I think it's fun that you and Ali do girl days where you guys get manis and pedis together. I think I'm going to follow your example once a year when Giovanna gets bigger and have a special day of "beauty" with my little girl. Every girl needs to spend a day with her mommy feeling like a big girl, getting her hair cut by the same person, and chatting over nail polish colors.

QueenCrazyMum said...

My wardrobe is sad to me. I have a few divine pieces. Mostly work clothes which are no fun at all. Give me my curvy girl jeans, a tank & a cardigan any day.
Ali & I getting mani/pedis was my solution to creating girls only time since Kai has joined us. We get the cheap ones now. She was spoiled at the spa & keeps asking where her stones are in her water basin & why aren't there cookies & lemonade?
Speaking of which we are over due for all of the above!

PinkMama said...

I hear ya! They get all the clothes, shoes, toys, and the good food all the time. I'll do without so they can have. It's just me and everyone including hubbys doesn't understand. Oh well they are kids only once.